Writer for News and Information Section
The writers we need are for the News and Information Section. If you can write good stories that people want to read today tomorrow and the next day, then we need you to write for us! Current News Sections include: Local News, Sports, Society, Members, Internet, Music, Video, Programming, Relationships
Photographers Wanted to Cover Social Events
If your a good photographer, you can submit your photos and images to the Network for profit. With every assignment that we request, you have to work using your skills as a photographer. Before your hired you should have a Listing in the Business Listing Section displaying your work. Each assignment is different, and requires your skills as a photographer to complete!
Help Desk Personel Needed at activemode
This job requires that you have knowledge of the website ( http://www.activemode.org ) and how to use it. This position will be limited to only a few people. Make sure that you know exactly what´s going on inside the website, and make sure you know how to find it, and work with it so that you can explain and give instructions to members that need help !
Web Developers / Programmers for Online Work
You must possess skills and experience as a programmer in C#, or Visual Basic to apply for this job. These positions are also limited. Each individual will be paid based on their experience and references. The Network will make all final decisions on this position.
Web Monkeys Needed for the Internet
Do you know how to find things on the internet? Videos, files, documents or websites that someone may not know how to find, or not know the name of? Then this is the job for you! You must have extensive knowledge of the internet, and you must be able to find the location or information thats requested, in order to get paid for it. Of course it would help if you spend most of your time on the internet.
Administrator Needed for Website Management
The Activemode Network consists of one website with 2 different portals. One Desktop and the other Mobile(PDA). The Administrator that we need, has to be able to monitor this site on a daily basis, and resolve customer issues and problems.
Counselor for Substance Abuse Needed
This is a difficult assignment that requires you to Counsel and provide assistance to people in need of comfort or advice about Drug Abuse. If it's a person asking for advise and information, you have to provide it. But it may also be a parent worried about their child. They may need to know more about abuse and what signs to look for. No personal information will be exchanged. All responses, and interaction will be through a Mobile Device or PDA, using online resources.
Network Administrator / Network Trouble Shooter
Even the best Network Technicians can find themselves requesting assistance from another coworker. This assignment requires that you have advanced knowledge of Network Administration. You should also have access to information about new technology being developed in order to answer questions sent to you by others in your field.
Customer Assistance Using WebCams
In this age of technology you´ll find some people that just can´t understand the instructions they have to read. This assignment requires that you seek and find the online directions for basic computer tasks, and explain them using visual examples to clients that request assistance. All assistance must be provide using a WebCam. Proper Appearance, Clear Speaking Voice, and Manners will be a requirement.
Blog Bloggers Blogging and Forum Posting Professionals
You might think that no one would pay someone to do what they really enjoy, but your wrong ! The most popular websites, use professionals to post and update pages, so that thier visitors don´t get bored, Quick fingers are a must. You should also be a professional at what you do, which means no profanity can be used. Examples and proof of your work must be available for viewing.