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(3) Finding Enough Time to Work
(example 3 of 4) Working on Your Day Off Plenty of time to do whatever. These are the days when you really want to do nothing. You work a 9:00 to 5:00 and thats enough for you. When you finally get a day off, or on the weekend, nothing needs to be done, and you want to relax. So, fine. The whole day passes by and your finally feeling more energetic ! You feel like you could have done at least a little something though. Here's what you could have done. 1. Breakfast Time: While the Coffe is brewing you log on to the FreeStyleWork site and pick a task. Respond with the answer or solution that you already know. Then eat Breakfast. 2. Lunch Time: Put a snack in the microwave, and you notice you have an email from FreeStyleWork. You contact the person that needs help, and solve the problem. The snack in the microwave is still warm and you can sit down and eat. 3. Dinner Time: Maybe you'd like to watch that movie you have on DVD. The trailers and previews for other movies take about 5 minutes, so you check your PDA to see if there's a quick assignment you can do. By the time your done, the movies started.