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(2) Finding Enough Time to Work
(example 2 of 4) In The Waiting Room 1. Your at the Dentist's Office and there are 2 people ahead of you. 2. It's time for a check up at the Doctor's, and your on time... But he isn't. 3. In line at the Bank. You have no choice but to stand there and wait. 4. Train Crossing or a Traffic Jam. Either way your stuck in one place for a while. There are thousands of other situations that you can think of where, your there waiting, and you have nothng but free time. Most people call it wasted time, because nothing constructive can be done as long as your standing there waiting. But if it were possible to do some work and fill in the empty space, would you do that? Or chew some gum, and look around at everyone else doing nothing.