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Name: Demo  Demo
User Name: Demonstration
Location:   Demo City, DemoState, United States 
EndSale: 5/5/2005   - 14  (EndSale 77 days ago).
Portfolio: Internet Service
Business Experience: Advertising Marketing
Type of Business: Individuals, Internet Business,
Families, Small Business
Registered On: 3/22/2003 8:17:53 PM
Comment: Well then..
There should be enough information here for a customer to properly evaluate an item for sale or a service to be provided. Otherwise it´s not worth taking the time to try.

If you really believe in your product, then so will your customer. Make sure that you know how the product works. Also if you don´t use the product yourself, then how dare you try to sell it to someone else?

When someone asks you questions about your product or service, and you don´t know the answer, then what does that say about you?

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