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Name: Luis  Brown
User Name: activemode
Location:   Jacksonville, Florida, United States 
EndSale: 12/25/2003   - 17  (EndSale in 337 days).
Portfolio: Personal Service
Business Experience: Web Development
Type of Business: Individuals, Internet Business,
Families, Small Business
Registered On: 4/14/2003 6:51:40 PM

When your ready to build your own website, contact the
Activemode Network

Websites designed by a Professional Web Developer.

This program is designed to be a "solution" for those that want a
interactive website, but don´t know yet how they want to do it.
The Program can be put in place all by itself, without any other
"bells and whistles" and be considered complete. For all intents and purposes, anyone can use it for any website, and for any reason!

It includes:

Members AreaPersonal PagesPersonal AdsPublic Message Board
Private Message BoardCalendar of EventsPersonal Classified AdsAdvertising Banners

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