The Activemode Network has been online since 1998, offering an environment where business and clients can interact. Members, Communication, Entertainment, Business Listings, Classifieds, and Mobile Access.
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Business Listings (desktop website)
These listings are for Corporations, Businesses, Managers, Agencies and Agents that are interested in finding new Employees and talent. The Listings are free of charge, and when you have a message, you'll receive an email announcement.
Event Calandar: (mobile)
The Event Calendar can be used to schedule dates and times when your having a Social Event or Party. Use the Event calendar to let people know when your available and where you'll be.
Personal Messages: (mobile)
You can communicate with other members through the Personal Messages area. If you send messages to people and let them know that your there, you've got new friends located from Coast to Coast and Around the World!.
Public Messages: (mobile)
Use the Public Messages to make annoucements about your availability and to introduce yourself to the members. Everyone looks in the MessageBoard to see whats new, and to get information about other members.
Desktop Website:
The main website on your desktop computer, is where you can upload new images and quickly change your profile information. Whenever your at home you can do even more than you could with your Mobile Phone or PDA.



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