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Did you receive an Estimate for a Project ?
The project estimates can be paid by subscription, if you don't have all the funds available to pay up front. The arrangement is for an ongoing payment that will last up until the project estimate is paid in full.

All the options that were selected on the project estimate will be provided, and the project terms will be complete.

You'll receive a number with the project estimates and a follow up email with terms and conditions after the subscription begins and the first payment is made.

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What Kind of Work Do You Need Done ?
Before you subscribe, be sure that you know what kind of work you need done, and that it can actually be done using a mobile device. If your using at least one of the following tools, Mobile Work is Possible:

• Website Domain Access • Microsoft Office • Office 365 for Business • Google Apps Business • Google Quick Office • Google Talk • Skype • Text Messaging • Business Email •

All those things that need to be done, also require proper access, some projects can't be done without the tools necessary. You should be sure about what you need done, and how the results will be returned.
We hire Professional Mobile Contractors
The evaluation process we have is 30 days long, during which the prospective contractor is required to show up for work everyday. In this case, they have to sign in everyday for their assignment. At the end of the process, they receive a grade based on performance, knowledge and reliability. We choose the candidates that can best resolve your issues and provide you with the services you need to run your business. If you have doubts, then take the evaluation yourself, to see what it involves. It's not easy to do one simple thing everyday, especially if there's no one watching you... that's why we do the evaluation.
Cancellations and Complaints
If you have any problems with the way the Activemode Network operates, just send a message to the Activemode Network, so that we can resolve whatever the issue is as quickly as possible. Remember that you can cancel your subscription if your not satisfied with the service we provide. Any charges that have been paid up to the point of cancellation, is non-refundable. Always remember that we are not responsible for your sales, or how much you sell, we only provide the contractors to help you with your business.

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