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Results for: Demonstration
Your introduced to someone new by your friend, and YOU like them. You hear from someone else that they're just going to use you and take advantage.
What's your next move?
My friend would never lie to me
If someone says they're bad I believe them
I make my own decisions and who I see
You can't believe what a stranger says
Strangers know more than we do about people
I want to find out for myself
You are meeting for the first time in a Restaurant, and the person that your going out with is talking to someone else at the table when you walk in... What do you do?
Sit down and wait till they're done
Ask your date "who is this?"
Order dinner eat and then leave
Introduce yourself and Join in the conversation
Ask the person if they are sleeping together
Walk back out and go home
When you get home after a date, you have a message on your answering machine from the person you just went out with. How do you feel about that?
That's nice of them to call so soon
Why are they calling so soon?
I should call back and talk to them
The dates over, leave me alone
Listen to the message, then go to sleep
Call back, say good night, and unplug the phone
You go over to your new Relationships house to get to know them better. While your sitting there, they ask you to wait while they get into the shower.
The next thing you do is?
Get into the shower with them
Ask: "Why didn't you go before I came?"
Ask: "Can I wash your back?"
Just wait till they're done
Go into the kitchen for a sandwich
Get naked and lay in their bed
Alright now... it's time to have sex and your both naked and ready to go. Then the phone rings. On the Answering Machine you hear their ex's voice.
What do you do?
Ignore the Aswering machine
Ask your new relationship why they're still calling them
Pick up the phone and curse them
Pass the phone to your Relationship to answer
Get up, get dressed and leave the house
Start having sex and laughing at them
Months go by and everything is fine. Then your relationship says that you need to make some kind of commitment to them. This is your reaction...
If everything is going well, I'll consider it
I'm not interested right now
I was never interested in commitment
We should talk about it seriously
No one is going force me into anything
First I have to ask my friends about it
When you go out with your friends and your relationship, your friends like them. They laugh and joke around having fun. How do you feel about it later when your alone?
That's a good sign when they like each other
Can I really trust this person with my friends?
It's too uncomfortable for me.
Why do they get along so well anyway?
There's nothing for me to worry about
Since everythings fine... Orgy Time!
Things are not going well with your relationship and you don't know why. The best thing you can do is?
Just end it before things get worst
Argue with them until they break up with you
Call your friends and ask for advice
Talk to them, and find out what's wrong
They're probably cheating on you
Spend some time apart to thing about things
Your in love with the Relationship you have and you know they love you. Then you find out that they're married, and didn't tell you. What should you do?
It's too late to break up now
Married?... so what?
Tell them to get a divorce
Just deal with things as they are
Contact the married one's spouse and tell them
This is something that can't be fixed
Back in the Bedroom... Both of you are naked. your relationship asks you to do something "different" that you would only see on a Porno Video Tape. Now what do you say?
This is something we both should do anyway
Are you crazy? That's just nasty
Let's try and see if we like it
Why do you need a porno idea with me?
Ok... we'll do it but don't tell anyone
Life is all about trying new things