Personal Evaluation Results...
Results for: kittycat
What is your current situation (be honest)?
I'm Married, but looking for something better
Married but looking for "friends"
Single and looking for something new
I'm in a relationship that's not working
I have no relationship right now
I work long hours and have very little time
Are you interested in dating?
Dating is too expensive for me, I'd rather just have sex
I'll go on a date if it's not too expensive
I enjoy going out on dates
If someone else pays, I'll go out
My current relationship allows me to go out with others
I'm too busy to go out on dates
What do you like to do on dates?
I said I can't afford to date
Dinner and Dancing is a good date
Go out Clubbing and Drinking till I puke
A quiet Dinner with conversation
Let's just get into bed and do something
Conversation and learning more about each other.
What would you like to happen AFTER the date?
I'll call you when your available
If things go well, then we can go out again
One night is enough, I have to get back to my life
Don't bother calling, I'm already involved
Call me so that we can talk more
I'm done... call someone else
What kind of person are you interested in meeting?
Anything that's still breathing
Someone with enough energy to keep up with me
Educated with some kind of degree
Any Job with a Paycheck
Rocket Scientist (or equivelant)
Free spirit, and intelligent that understands life
Explain the kind of person that YOU are?
Take me the way I am... please!
I don't make a big deal out of everything
I do as I please, and don't tell me otherwise
I will listen to you, if you listen to me
I just want sex... next question
Spend some time with me to find out
What happened in your last relationship?
I've never had a "relationship"
It was just sex and that's all
I don't want to talk about it
Just ask me and I'll tell you
After the police came, things were never the same
Everything was perfect, and I still love them
Are you interested in having children?
With the right person, I would
I have enough children... thank you
If you have kids, they can play with my kids
There isn't enough time in my life for children
How many relationships have you had in your life?
I've never had a "relationship" before
There hasn't been enough for me
My life always has someone in it
There's been a few special people
Are you kidding me?... hundreds!
How do you feel about having sex on the first date
Perhaps with protection
Perhaps NO
It's better to wait until we know each other
That's really all I want
If things go well on the date, it's possible
We'll talk about it before the Wedding