Since You Really Wanted to Know...
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Under NORMAL conditions and when I have someone to be with, I like to have sex...
Front, Back and Sideways and Upsidedown
On Top, On Bottom and Any-which-way
You and Me along with Her
Me and You along with Him
Lets just have an Orgy
Only if I'm in the mood
When I'm NOT in a Relationship and I feel like I need to have sex I...
Rub it myself (Just Masturbate)
Grab a Toy
Look for anything with a Hole
Look for anything Long and Hard
I jump on anything that's warm
Find something else to occupy my thoughts
When I'm in a NEW relationship and I'm ready to have sex, the first thing I want to do is...
Oral Sex for an hour
Hump all night long
lick for an hour
Get humped all night long
You do me, and I'll do you
Have a long quiet Conversation
If you ask me to do something special for you, the only thing(s) that I will never do is...
Never use That hole
Don't shoot in my mouth
I don't like pain
Whips and Handcuffs
There's nothing that I won't try
I'll tell you what I don't like
I want to do something with you that I've never done with anyone else. This is how I want it...
On the Sidewalk where everyone can see
In private, so no one can see
We should do it with my friends there
What ever it is I've already done it
We should videotape it to remember
In a romantic setting with music
Someday, If I ever have the chance to have sex with a World Famous Movie Star or Singer, I would...
Ask you to wait till I'm done
No one would ever know. No even you!
Definately video tape it
Tell all my friends about it in detail
Ask you to join us
Write a book about it someday
If the whole world was naked (yes naked) and there was no more need for clothes, This is what I would do...
Have Sex and more sex everywhere I go
Pick the "Biggest" one I can find
Grab the Sexiest one there is
Show everyone what I can do with "this"
Make clothes just for ME to wear
Just act normal and live my life
If I walked into a room and found two people having some kind of Wild and Crazy Sex, I would...
Sit down and watch
Ask if I can join them
Call my best friend, so "we" can join them
Talk to them, while they're have sex
Videotape it for later viewing
Walk right back out of the room
Just for once, if I could force you to do one thing AGAINST YOUR WILL, I would want you to...
Have sex with one of my friends
Do a Video Tape with me for the Internet
With my ex watching have sex with me
Have sex in the middle of the street
Do something that's not listed here
I would never force you to do anything
After answering these questions, (some Crazy and others Stupid), This is what I want you to know about me...
I've already done all these things
Some of these things I've done already
One or more of my friends have done them
If your interested "we" can do them
I've only seen them on video tape
That's not really the way I am... sorry!