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If you can't get to a computer, you can still get your messages

When your waiting for an important message from someone. Some of the people that we keep in touch with, are on the internet. We can't call them, and they don't know how to contact us, or maybe we want to keep a safe distance by sending messages back and forth. It's convenient when you can log onto a website using a mobile phone, to quickly check your personal messages, and to see if any public messages are interesting enough to reply to.

Not just for business... it's an easy way to keep in touch

Once or twice a day so you won't miss anything It's not just for people that make "money". These days everyone needs to keep in touch with friends and people that you think are important. It's a real hassle when you really need to get online, and your out somewhere that a computer can't be. The same way that you make a phone call, you can connect to your personal items and see what's going on quickly, and then get back to your life.